R3’s David Rutter Awarded Fellowship of the British Blockchain Association

R3’s David Rutter Awarded Fellowship of the British Blockchain Association

Mr David Rutter has been appointed to the Fellowship of the British Blockchain Association.

David E Rutter is the founder and CEO of R3, an enterprise blockchain software firm working with a broad ecosystem of more than 300 participants across multiple industries from both the private and public sectors. R3 is developing blockchain applications on Corda, an open-source blockchain platform, and Corda Enterprise, a commercial version of Corda for enterprise usage.

Rutter founded R3 in 2015. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for the strategic direction of R3. He has over 30 years of experience leading some of Wall Street’s top institutions. He is a long-time creative thought leader in financial markets and innovation, and has played a significant role in the adoption of electronic trading in the global OTC derivatives industry. Rutter served for ten years as the CEO of Electronic Broking at ICAP Plc, the world’s largest interdealer broker, where he led the BrokerTec fixed income and EBS foreign exchange platforms. Prior to ICAP, he was co-owner and CEO (Americas) of Prebon Yamane.

On receiving the award of Fellowship, Rutter said:

‘I am honoured to accept the Fellowship award.’

On confirming the award of Fellowship, Dr Mureed Hussain, Secretary of The British Blockchain Association, said:

‘Mr Rutter has demonstrated an outstanding track record of excellence. FBBA is a recognition of exceptional achievement, leadership, advancing standards and best practices in the field of Blockchain and DLT. Our Fellows are an asset, not just to the BBA, but to the rest of the world.’

The BBA was established in 2017 and has Fellows based in the USA, Australia, India, Singapore, France, UK, Italy and The Netherlands. It publishes JBBA, the world’s first academic peer-reviewed blockchain journal, available both in print and online. BBA is also home to CEBB, the Centre for Evidence Based Blockchain, a global consortium of universities and blockchain research centres led by some of the world’s most eminent scientists and industry experts.

To view our list of existing Fellows, visit www.britishblockchainassociation.org/fellowship

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