APPG – Sponsors

APPG for Blockchain Technologies

As a Secretariat, the activities of the Blockchain APPG are coordinated by the British Blockchain Association. In this role, BBA is supported by the organisations who help with the running of the APPG via its secretariat. The sponsors may also provide advice, guidance and intellectual input to the BBA, which in turn enable the Secretariat to effectively run the APPG.

If you are interested in sponsoring the BBA, please contact


Blockchain APPG receives no taxpayer funding, which means we must rely on external funding to meet the costs required to run a professional and effective APPG. Funds are required for research, event management and administration of the APPG via a public affairs consultancy firm which assists the Secretariat with the ongoing support for a wider stakeholder engagement strategy in the Westminster.

Sponsors confer no special privileges. Sponsors may be invited for professional advice. The sponsorship funding does not influence the work of the group and participants have no influence on the terms of reference of the meetings or the outcomes of any work, which are at the sole discretion of the APPG in line with our key mission and objectives. 

All funds received are declared within the accounts of The BBA and reported to the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. All monies go directly to support the activities of the group; nothing goes, or will ever go, to any officer or parliamentarian. We always seek to minimise costs to make sure our sponsors’ money is spent wisely. The British Blockchain Association is a Non-profit entity registered in England and all its annual accounts are available in the public domain.