Professor Dr Naseem Naqvi


Professor Dr Naseem Naqvi MBE

Prof Naseem Naqvi MBE

Professor Naseem Naqvi is awarded King’s Honour (UK National Honour)

for services to Blockchain (2023 New Year’s Honours)

Professor Naqvi with Natalie Elphicke MP, Chair of UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain Technologies
Prof Naqvi ISC2023

Prof Naqvi in the BBA Metaverse Headquarters

BBA's Annual International Scientific Conference ISC2023

Prof Naqvi chairing ISC2023

Prof Naqvi keynote on Metaverse applications, at Istanbul Fintech Week 2023
Prof Naqvi keynote on Metaverse applications, at Istanbul Fintech Week 2023
Professor Dr Naseem Naqvi
Professor Naseem Naqvi in Portugal (June 2022)

Professor Naseem Naqvi founded and established the British Blockchain Association in 2017. He is the lead author of UK’s National Blockchain Roadmap (2021). Dr Naqvi works full time as a senior medical doctor on NHS front lines, and devotes every evening, weekend and precious family time to furthering the UK’s standing in this sector.

Professor Naqvi has transformed the UK (and indeed global) landscape of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). He played a primordial role in this, and raising the profile of Britain globally in the field, as he heads the BBA, one of the largest blockchain associations in the world.

Before Prof Naqvi, the UK had no national blockchain association to assume the necessary leadership role and represent blockchain both in Britain and abroad. He was the man who stepped up and took the lead:      

  • Lead Author, UK National Blockchain Roadmap (July 2021)
  • Set up UK’s first national Blockchain association and appointed advisors from: Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales and an international advisory board of global leaders from: Singapore, India, USA, Africa, Israel, Mexico, Italy, Nigeria, Australia and France. 
  • In 2018, he was named a “Think-Tank” and a “Blockchain Influencer” by the UK Parliament in a report published by UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain.
  • He has set up the world’s first scientific, peer-reviewed, open-access blockchain research journal, the Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA), which is available both in print and online. In 2020, during the global pandemic, Naseem oversaw and led the publication of two issues of the JBBA, whilst working full time on the NHS front lines.
  • Naseem has established a global, inter-connected network of thought-leaders in the field of Blockchain: The JBBA’s editorial and review boards now have advisors from 58 countries.
  • He has established and chaired three International Scientific Conferences – the ISCs, which are now a flagship annual scientific event for blockchain professionals in the world.
  • He has given over 300 talks (45+ keynotes) on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
  • He has represented Britain at international conferences in the USA, UAE, Africa, Indonesia, at UK trade finance summit, and the 2019 and 2020 Blockchain Expo of industry experts.
  • Dr Naqvi’s commitment to evidence based practice led him to establish the world’s first Centre for Evidence-Based Blockchain (CEBB) in 2019, a transnational Think-Tank of blockchain academics, industry experts and universities in 6 continents. The Open University, the UK’s largest university, is a member of CEBB along with 11 other prestigious international universities.
  • Professor Naqvi was awarded an MSc in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (with the prestigious Genesis Block Scholarship for ‘Exceptional & Notable contributions to Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies’), whilst fulfilling all his duties as a front-line medical doctor. He has continued to work full time for the NHS during the COVID pandemic while running the BBA.

Prof Naqvi with Rt Hon Albert Isola MP
Prof Naqvi with Rt Hon Albert Isola MP
Prof Naqvi chairing ISC2023
Prof Naqvi chairing ISC2023
ISC2022 Professor Naseem Naqvi
Professor Naseem Naqvi Chairing ISC2022
Recent speaking arrangements:
Keynote, Metaverse applications, Istanbul Fintech Week, Turkey, April 2023
Prof Naqvi keynote on Metaverse applications, at Istanbul Fintech Week 2023
Prof Naqvi keynote on Metaverse applications, at Istanbul Fintech Week 2023

Summit Chair, Crypto Regulation & the Future of Global Economy, September 2022

Prof Naqvi at BAF Crypto Summit
Prof Naqvi at BAF Crypto Summit
2 February 2022:
Epoka University, Albania
Evidence Based Blockchain and Blockchain Roadmaps at Epoka University
Evidence Based Blockchain and Blockchain Roadmaps at Epoka University

At Blockchain International Scientific Conference ISC2020, UK

Professor Dr Naseem Naqvi’s Bio:


MBE FRCP(Edin) FRCP(London) FHEA(UK) MAcadMed(UK) FBBA(UK) MSc (Blockchain) FBBA

Titles and Honours:

Founder and President of The British Blockchain Association (October 2017 – till date)

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of The British Blockchain Association (The JBBA) (Dec 2017 – till date)

Founding Chair of Blockchain International Scientific Conferences (Since August 2018)

(Chaired ISC2019, London, ISC2020 Edinburgh and ISC2021(online)

Founder and Chair of the Centre for Evidence-Based Blockchain: (Since March 2019)

Founding Chair of Research & Education Group at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Founding Chair, Blockchain Associations Forum (BAF), since March 2021

Honorary Professor of Blockchain, Epoka University, Albania (January 2022 – till date)

Chairing 2nd Blockchain International Scientific Conference ISC2020

Chairing 1st Blockchain International Scientific Conference ISC2019

Giving Keynotes, Tutorials and Workshops at Universities around the globe

Accolades and appreciation from Her Majesty, The Queen


Dr Naqvi's Keynote Talks

Peer Review Week, 2021
UK National Blockchain Roadmap 2021
Interview to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance 2021
Keynote at Edinburgh Napier University, 2019
Keynote at 3rd Blockchain International Scientific Conference 2021
Keynote at BBA Forum, 2021
Blockchain, Peer Review and Evidence Based Blockchain
Keynote Jakarta Blockchain Summit 2020
Interview, Coin News, Africa 2020