The Blockchain Associations Forum (BAF)

The Blockchain Associations Forum (BAF)

Driving Sustainable Growth, Responsible Development and Evidence-based Applications of Blockchain

Check out BAF Launch Press Release (24 April, 2021)

Blockchain Associations Forum Launch Report

Founding Members (April 2021)

Blockchain associations from the following countries are represented at BAF:

Argentina  |  Australia  | Belgium  | Brazil  | Caribbean (The West Indies)  | Cayman Islands  | Czech Republic  | Cyprus  | Denmark  | Estonia  | Finland  | France  | Gibraltar  | Greece  | Hungary  | India  | Indonesia  | Ireland  | Israel  | Italy  | Japan  | Kenya  | Liechtenstein  | Malta  | Mexico |  Moldova  | New Zealand  | Nigeria  | Norway  | Pakistan  | Portugal | Puerto Rico  | Singapore  | Slovakia  | South Africa  | South Korea  | Spain  | Sweden | Switzerland  | Taiwan | Turkey  | Ukraine | United Kingdom  | Uruguay  | USA

Latest Members: Slovenia (Blockchain Think-Tank Slovenia)

Member Countries


Blockchain Associations and Hubs represented at BAF’s Inaugural Forum:

LATAM & Caribbean region (LACC Chain)

Australia (Blockchain Australia)

Belgium (HIVE Blockchain Society)

Cayman Islands (Blockchain Association of The Cayman Islands)

Czech Republic (Blockchain Republic)

Cyprus (Cyprus Blockchain Association)

Denmark (Nordic Blockchain Association)

Estonia (Eesti Krüptoraha Liit)

Finland (Helsinki Blockchain Centre)

France (ADAN)

Gibraltar (GANT: Gibraltar Association for New Technologies)

Greece (Hellenic Blockchain Association)

Hungary (Blockchain Hungary)

India (IIT Kanpur (Sandeep Shukla) and Govt. of Tamil Nadu (Santosh Misra)

Indonesia (Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia)

Ireland (Blockchain Ireland)

Israel (Israeli Blockchain Association)

Italy (Associazione Italia4Blockchain)

Japan (Tokyo Fintech)

Kenya (Blockchain Association of Kenya)

Liechtenstein (Crypto Country Association)

Malta (Malta Digital Innovation Authority)

Mexico (Legal Paradox/ LACC Chain Alliance)

Moldova (Moldova Tours)

New Zealand (Blockchain NZ)

Nigeria (SiBAN)

Norway (Nordic Blockchain Association)

Pakistan (Pakistan Blockchain Institute)

Portugal (Portuguese Blockchain Alliance)

Puerto Rico (Blockchain Puerto Rico)

Singapore (Singapore Blockchain Association)

Slovakia (Blockchain Slovakia)

Slovenia (Blockchain Think-Tank Slovenia)

South Africa (South African National Blockchain Alliance)

South Korea (Korea Society of Blockchain)

Spain (Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem)

Sweden (Swedish Blockchain Association)

Switzerland (Crypto Valley Association)

Taiwan (Taiwan Blockchain Alliance)

Turkey (BLASEA)

Ukraine (Blockchain Association of Ukraine)

United Kingdom (The British Blockchain Association)

USA (The Blockchain Association)


BAF Membership

To become a BAF member, contact us at [email protected]