Chair of UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain Awarded Fellowship of the BBA

Chair of UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain Awarded Fellowship of the BBA

Rt. Hon. Martin Docherty-Hughes MP has been awarded the Fellowship (FBBA) of the British Blockchain Association.

Mr Docherty-Hughes is the Chair of UK All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Blockchain. He is also the Co-Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group Estonia (interest: Distributed Ledgers, Education and Digitisation)

Since 2015, Martin has been a member of the SNP Westminster Group Defence team and during the 2015-17 Parliament was a delegate to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Since the 2017 General election Martin has been re-appointed to the SNP Westminster Defence Team as well as being a member of the UK Parliament Defence Committee.

Martin is the SNP spokesperson at Westminster on Industries of the Future and Blockchain Technologies (July 2018).

On receiving the award of Fellowship, Mr Docherty-Hughes said:

‘It is an honour to receive the Award’.

On confirming the award of Fellowship, Professor Bill Buchanan, Fellow of the BBA and Associate Editor in Chief of the JBBA, said:

‘Martin has made outstanding contributions to blockchain. For his excellent work in progressing a more trustworthy digital world, we are delighted to award him the fellowship of the association.’

The BBA was established in 2017 and has Fellows based in the USA, Australia, India, Singapore, France, UK, Italy and The Netherlands. It publishes JBBA, the world’s first academic peer-reviewed blockchain journal, available both in print and online. BBA is home to CEBB, the Centre for Evidence Based Blockchain, a global consortium of universities and blockchain research centres led by some of the world’s most eminent scientists and industry experts.

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