BBA Launches CEBB Member Networking Portal

The British Blockchain Association is delighted to announce the launch of CEBB Member Portal, a ‘one-stop-ecosystem’ co-ordinating and facilitating blockchain enterprise research at some of the world’s leading universities and public institutions. CEBB will enable blockchain corporations to directly connect with eminent academics and research institutions.

Dr Naseem Naqvi, Chair of CEBB, said:

The current system was broken and needed to be fixed. There was a disconnect between blockchain enterprise research and the scholarly research conducted at public universities. CEBB ecosystem is a win-win for all: affordable, cost effective, high-quality blockchain industry research led by high-profile academics and conducted at some of the world’s top universities and public research institutions.

CEBB networking portal will allow members to share research projects, reach out to other CEBB members, send messagesshare posts and contentsaccess exclusive members-only contents, offers and updates from the BBA and build their online member portfolio. All BBA members will have exclusive access to the entire CEBB ecosystem at no extra cost. The JBBA community, BBA Advisors and BBA partners will receive free membership of the CEBB.

Announcing the launch, Dr Mureed Hussain, Advisor CEBB and Executive Secretary of the BBA said:

There was a need for harmonisation, transparency and efficiency when it comes to quality blockchain enterprise research. Blockchain companies often ended up spending huge sums of money to publish white papers and case reports. Conducting a complete research project from inception to publication would cost a small fortune. CEBB would allow industry participants to connect with leading academics and vice-versa, to realise evidence based case studies and research projects in blockchain ecosystems.

Miss Kelly Bolton, Head of BBA’s Public Relations said:

We are very excited to launch CEBB member portal. Our members are already working on some quality projects and we are pleased to be able to provide a platform that connects and bridges the blockchain research and practice gap. We will be very happy to chat to organisations that are looking forward to come on board and be a part of this vibrant community as its inaugural members!

BBA advisors, JBBA editors and authors, and BBA Corporate members can now create a free account by following this sign up link:

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