Web3 Labs becomes the latest member to join the BBA

Web3 Labs becomes the latest member to join the BBA

Web3 Labs have joined the British Blockchain Association as an organisational member.

Web3 Labs (formerly blk.io) is a blockchain technology product and services company based in London, UK.

The Epirus smart contract platform by Web3 Labs provides provides the middleware and accessible business metrics for enterprise blockchain applications. Epirus provides complete visibility over an organisation’s blockchain applications, throughout their entire life-cycle – covering deployment, integration and ongoing management.

Web3 Labs is also responsible for a number of open-source blockchain projects including web3j, which is the go-to tool for enterprises who want to integrate with Ethereum blockchains (including JP Morgan’s Quorum) on the Java platform; and the JVM implementation of the libp2p modular network stack.

Conor Svensson is the CEO and Founder of Web3Labs. He is also the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s Technical Standards Chair.

To find out more about Web3 Labs, visit //www.web3labs.com/ or email hi@web3labs.com.