JBBA announces Best Research Papers of 2023

JBBA announces Best Research Papers of 2023

The Journal of the British Blockchain Association (The JBBA) is pleased to announce the Best Research Papers of 2023 (papers published during the period 20 November 2022 – 20 November 2023).

This recognition by the journal’s Editorial Board acknowledges outstanding contributions made by the authors in advancing excellence in Blockchain and Web3 research. Reading high-quality research is an important way for policymakers, academics, and other stakeholders to remain informed, and benefit from evidence-based, peer-reviewed knowledge. The award recognises papers that:

1. Are likely to influence future thinking

2. Have made, or have the potential to make a significant contribution to the DLT/ Blockchain or Cryptocurrencies ecosystem, as measured by scholarly and societal impact metrics, downloads, article views, engagement on social media (Alternative metrics) or citation in policy documents

3. Are cited or have the potential to be cited at high-impact conferences and events, or referenced or quoted by policymakers, influencers or thought-leaders in the field

Best Paper Winners are awarded in the following categories:

      • Computer Science, Cybersecurity or Cryptography

      • Crypto-economics or Blockchain Economics

      • Digital Assets/ Tokens, Banking or Finance

      • Blockchain for Business, Enterprise or Corporations

      • Blockchain for Humanities, Social Sciences or Public Good

    Winners of the Best JBBA Research Papers of 2023 are:

    Computer Science, Cybersecurity or Cryptography:

    “A Review of Upgradeable Smart Contract Patterns based on OpenZeppelin Technique”, by Shaima AL Amri, Dr Leonardo Aniello and Professor Vladimiro Sassone of University of Southampton, UK (READ)

    Crypto-economics or Blockchain / Web3 Economics:

    “Work for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation: What Empirical Labour Economics Can Tell Us about the Decentralised Digital Workforce?” By Dr Nataliya Ilyushina PhD of RMIT University, Australia (READ)

    Blockchain for Social Impact, Humanities, or Public Good:

    “A Blockchain-Based, Smart Contract and IoT-Enabled Recycling System” by Professor Manaf Zghaibeh of Dhofar University, Oman (READ)

    “Metaverse for Public Good: Embracing the Societal Impact of Metaverse Economies” by Professor Naseem Naqvi of Centre for Evidence Based Blockchain, UK (READ)

    Blockchain for Business, Enterprise or Corporations:

    “Using Blockchain Technology to Improve the Integrity and Transparency of Procurement Processes between SMMEs and Government: A Systematic Literature Review”, By Edzai Kademeteme and Dr Stella Bvuma of University of Johannesburg, South Africa (READ)

    “Rewarding Honesty: An Incentive Mechanism to Promote Trust in Blockchain-Based E-commerce” by Professor David Lee Kuo Chuen FBBA, Dr Yang Li and Weibiao Xu of Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore (READ)

    Digital Assets / Tokens, Banking or Finance:

    “Towards Fair Presentation of DAO Treasuries: An Evaluation of Native Governance Token Reporting Practices” By Hamman Schoonwinkel of Technical University of Munich, Germany (READ)

    “DeFi Lending Platform Liquidity Risk: The Example of Folks Finance” By Matthias Hafner et al of University of Zurich, Switzerland (READ)



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