RMIT University Professor Awarded Fellowship of The BBA

RMIT University Professor Awarded Fellowship of The BBA

Professor Dr Sinclair Davidson has been elected to the FELLOWSHIP of The BBA (FBBA).

Professor Davidson is a Full Professor of Institutional Economics at RMIT University Australia, Co-founder of RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub, and Director of Cryptoeconomics, Australia. He is a Senior Editor of Cryptoeconomics section of The JBBA and has been on the journal’s Review Board since 2018. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He has an h-index of 22 and his research has received 3000+ citations.

Professor Davidson authored the Editorial of The JBBA’s Vol 6, Issue 2 and chaired sessions at the BBA’s Blockchain International Scientific Conferences. He has also been on the BBA’s Scientific Advisory Board for the Blockchain International Scientific Conferences as an Abstract Judge. Over the past five years as an ambassador of the JBBA, Professor Davidson has actively promoted the work of the association through his social media channels.

On receiving the award of Fellowship, Professor Sinclair Davidson FBBA said:

I am deeply honoured and excited to be appointed a Fellow of the BBA!

On confirming the award of Fellowship, Professor Naseem Naqvi, the President of The BBA, said:

Sinclair has made significant contributions to blockchain. He joined us as the Review Editor of The JBBA in 2018 and has since been an outstanding ambassador of The BBA.

FBBA is a mark of excellence for Blockchain professionals, and we are delighted to welcome Sinclair to the association’s global network of fellows and the heart of the BBA community.

Prof Davidson’s JBBA Papers:
The Cost of Trust: A Pilot Study

Prof Davidson’s Google Scholar Profile:


BBA Fellow Sinclair Davidson FBBA
BBA Fellow Sinclair Davidson FBBA

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