JBBA Announces Best Research Papers of 2022

JBBA Announces Best Research Papers of 2022

The Journal of the British Blockchain Association is pleased to announce the Best Research Papers of 2022 (papers published during the period 20 November 2021  – 10 December 2022).

This recognition by the journal’s Editorial Board acknowledges outstanding contributions made by the authors in advancing excellence in Blockchain research. Reading high-quality research is an important way for policymakers, academics, and other stakeholders to remain informed, and benefit from evidence-based, peer-reviewed knowledge.

The award recognises papers that:

1. Are likely to influence future thinking
2. Have made significant contributions to DLT/ Blockchain or Cryptocurrencies, as measured by scholarly and societal impact metrics, downloads, article views, engagement on social media (Alternative metrics) or citation in policy documents
3. Are discussed at high-impact conferences and events, cited, referenced or quoted by policymakers, influencers or thought-leaders in the field

Best Paper Winners are awarded in the following categories:

  • Computer Science, Cybersecurity or Cryptography
  • Crypto-economics or Blockchain Economics
  • Digital Assets, Banking or Finance
  • Blockchain for Business, Enterprise or Corporations
  • Blockchain for Humanities, Social Sciences or Public Good

Computer Science, Cybersecurity or Cryptography:

“A Performance Comparison of Post-Quantum Algorithms in Blockchain, by Bakhtiyor Yokubov and Lu Gan of Brunel University, London, UK (READ)

Crypto-economics or Blockchain Economics:

“Auditing Tokenomics: A Case Study and Lessons from Auditing a Stablecoin Project” by Dr Stylianos Kampakis PhD of UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, UK (READ)

‘Creation of a Self-Sustaining Token Economy’ by Dr Oleksandr Letychevskyi of National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Ukraine (READ)

Blockchain for Social/ Life Sciences or Public Good:

‘ Can Blockchain Take Smartphones Out of Contact Tracing?’ by Oritsebawo Paul Ikpobe and John Easton of The University of Birmingham (READ)

Blockchain for Business, Enterprise or Corporations:

‘Blockchain Adoption Factors, Enablers, and Barriers in Fisheries Supply Chain: Preliminary Findings from a Systematic Literature Review’ by Colin Callinan, Amaya Vega,Trevor Clohessy and Graham Heaslip of Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland, (READ)

‘The Role of Interdependencies in Blockchain Adoption: The Case of Maritime Trade’ by Kristi Yuthas and Melissa Appleyard of Portland State University, USA (READ)

Digital Assets, Banking or Finance:

“Non-Fungible Tokens as an Alternative Investment: Evidence from CryptoPunks” by Luisa Schaar and Dr Stylianos Kampakis, PhD of University of Law and UCL CBT, UK (READ)


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