BBA launches first Student Forum in Manchester

BBA launches first Student Forum in Manchester

The British Blockchain Association (BBA) is rolling out a series of face-to-face forums with students in key universities across the UK to promote understanding of the emerging technology behind encrypted currencies, such as Bitcoin.

Graduates looking for blockchain related jobs has risen by 223% in the last 12 months, and the not-for-profit organisation is investing heavily in educational initiatives to promote its adoption in business.

The association now has university representatives in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and is looking for continued growth across the UK.

Although blockchain technology has been popularised through crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, its potential application spans all industry sectors; from health and finance to food and drink.

Dr. Mureed Hussain, BBA co-founder explained,

“This is an exciting focus for us, if we can inspire students to engage in blockchain technology we are upskilling a workforce who can directly influence their future employers and implement blockchain technology into industry at a much earlier stage.”

“We are looking into establishing close links with academics and student groups to host regular meet ups providing opportunities for students to network, connect and organise blockchain education events.”

The first British Blockchain Association Student Forum is being hosted tonight (Tuesday 6th February) at the University of Manchester.

We spoke to one student member who said,

“I’ve been looking for jobs in the finance sector but the competition is so high that I’m finding it difficult to secure employment. With a greater understanding of blockchain technology I’ll be more appealing to employers and will be able to negotiate a higher starting salary.”

The British Blockchain Association is primarily a membership organisation, dedicated to developing a network that will work together to accelerate the understanding and adoption of blockchain solutions.

Student Forums are one of many initiatives that seek to educate, inform and accelerate the adoption of blockchain across the UK.

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